Town and Country Planning

Robin Jessop Ltd provides specialist planning advice for landowners who are considering applying for planning permission for residential, agricultural, industrial and commercial development.


We can also advise on the procedure to be followed for the construction of a new farm building or an agricultural workers’ dwelling. 


Our Land Agents can also provide specialist advice on the removal of Agricultural Occupancy Conditions. We work very closely with your Architect/Planning Consultant with a view to reaching a successful permission. 


Robin Jessop Ltd also provides specialist planning advice for property owners who are considering applying for planning permission for all forms of development, whether this be residential, agricultural, industrial or commercial. 


We are able to recommend Planning Consultants, Architects and specialist Planning Lawyers who we have worked with over the years in providing advice in the following areas:-


  • Obtaining planning permission for residential/commercial/industrial development
  • The construction of agricultural buildings
  • The construction of agricultural workers’ dwellings
  • The removal of Agricultural Occupancy Conditions
  • The conversion of farm buildings for residential/holiday cottage/office uses
  • Negotiating Option Agreements
  • Advising on the value of potential development sites
  • Planning Appraisals to support Applications


We will only be too pleased to call and see you to provide you with a free consultation, please contact Robin Jessop, Tim Gower or Andrew Dickins.