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RPA Announces Bridging Payments for Unpaid Claims on their Stewardship Agreements for the 2019 Claim Year

The RPA confirmed on the 28th April 2020 that bridging payments will be offered to farmers and land managers for their unpaid claims on their stewardship agreements for the 2019 claim year. 

The bridging payments will be interest-free loans to ensure that the farmers and land managers are paid for the work they do to protect the environment. Those that are eligible will receive a payment in May fro 75% of the estimated current value of their claims. This will help with farm business cash flow whilst the RPA continues to process the claims. Once the full claim has been processed and made, the amount issued as a bridging payment will be held back. 

This announcement follows the RPAs call to extend the claim window fro 2020 as a part of of measures to help rural businesses affected by coronavirus. 

As 99% of BPS claims have been paid in full to customers, there will be no bridging payments for BPS customers this year. Where there is outstanding applications, the RPA is working quickly to get these paid. 

Farmers and land managers should receive information directly from the RPA to provide information on bridging payments and how they will be calculated.