BPS and CS/ES Revenue Claim Application Deadline Extended to 15th June 2020

DEFRA and the RPA have  agreed to extend the 15th May deadline to 15th June 2020. This deadline extension applies to BPS 2020 applications, Countryside Stewardship/ Environmental Stewardship 2020 revenue claims. 

This means the deadline for amending applications without penalty is the 30th June 2020 and the final submission deadline, subject to late claim penalties, is the 10th July 2020. 

The CAAV has requested confirmation from the RPA on:-

  • 4th May 2020 deadline for "add land" email requests relating to BPS 2020 applications;
  • 15th May 2020 deadline for entitlements transfers;
  • 15th May 2020 date for land to be "at the disposal" of the BPS claimant.

They hope to have further information in due course. 

The RPA is encouraging the submission of applications and claims as early as possible to assist with processing.